Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail Preview

Woah woah woah. We got some new Jigga set to release July 4th. Yes sir!
Peep some behind the scenes footage from the making of.. Some lords of Hip Hop working together on this one: Pharrell, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Rick Rubin. These beats sound cray.. Takes me back to the first time I ever heard “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”. I’m amped.

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RVP Takes Some Tots to School

Dangles on full display here.. Watch as Robin van Persie, Touzani, and Tonny Vilhena straight toy with some young bucks at a youth tournament that RVP was hosting.

The entire thing is brilliant, but that meg at the 1:15 mark.. aww mann hahaha.


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Mac Miller – Objects In the Mirror

Apparently this is the start of a new series to come from Mac, called The Space Migration Sessions. Not sure what that’s all about, I guess just random jam sessions. Whatever it is, I dig it.

For this track, Mac is backed up instrumentally by The Internet, though orignal production was handled by Pharrell. Awesome tune featuring a rare side of Mac. Really proves his range of musical abilities here.


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Kwame Darko – Bet They See Me Now

Maryland local Kwame Darko has clearly been hard at work practicing his craft. Kwame had previously put out a grouping of songs as well as mixtape right around the time he moved to NYC last year to focus more directly on his music. I have to say this is by far the most polished offering we’ve heard from him, definitely has me exited to root on a new talent from the DMV that’s blooming nicely.

Kwame makes a statement this time around, and he’s spot on, we see you now! Looking forward to receiving a steady stream of new material from this quickly rising star.


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Chance the Rapper & Nosaj Thing – Making of “Paranoia”

You’re gonna be seeing a lot of Chance related posts in the near future. Maybe once a year I come across a new artist that has the ability to consume my interest. After listening to his Acid Rap mixtape (check it out a few posts below), Chance clearly stands out in my mind as the most creative lyricist out. Everything about his style, his flow, his storytelling, his cracked melodies, even his ad libs that spaz-out between screeching yelps and lullabied whispers, puts him in a unique lane that should have other artists worried. Even Kendrick needs to step his game up. Yeah, I went there.

If you don’t have time to listen through the entire Acid Rap mixtape, do yourself a favor and at least listen to tracks 3 and 8 (“Cocoa Butter Kisses” and “Favorite Song”). You can stream them from the download link I’ve provided. Chance spits the first verse on both tracks. But don’t sleep on the features in both of them either, which includes Vic Mensa, Twista, and Childish Gambino. They each bring their A-game, clearly aware of company they are in with Chance in the studio.

If those 2 tracks don’t entice you to download the entire tape, then we have nothing left to discuss. Please don’t come back.


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Ace Hood – Bugatti Remix ft. Future, Meek Mill, T.I., Wiz Khalifa, Bird Man, French Montana, 2 Chainz, DJ Khaled

Woah woah woah. Let me get this out of the way first so I can help y’all keep track:

Hook: Future
Hype man: DJ Khaled
Verse 1: Ace Hood
Verse 2: Meek Mill
Verse 3: T.I.
Verse 4: Wiz Khalifa
Verse 5: Bird Man
Verse 6: French Montana
Verse 7: 2 Chainz
Verse 8: Ace Hood

How they managed to get all these artists on this track is crazy. But I’d bet money Bird Man and Khaled played a major role in it.

The original already went hard, it’s actually what solidified Ace Hood’s talent for me. He’s got one of the toughest, most original flows out. And on the remix he continues to impress, bringing heat on 2 brand new versus, refusing to get out-shined by the all star lineup. He definitely takes the cake here. I’d give runner up to T.I. who spit some of the meanest bars I’ve heard from him in a minute.


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Ray Hudson Goes HAM Over Messi Goal

This is too amazing to leave out. If I were dropping a mixtape, this would be the intro. Fucking epic word choices. I tip my hat to Ray Hudson, bloody poetry that was.

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Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap [mixtape]

Been listening to more and more of this kid lately. Chance’s style is totally unique, with this broken-melodic, hyperactive flow. I’ve been looking forward to this tape, mostly because I was curious to see if it was just a few good versus I just happened to stumble upon, or if he could actually keep it up for an entire project. He definitely doesn’t disappoint. Don’t sleep on this dude, he’s gonna come fast out of left field. Won’t be long before you hear a ton a kids imitating his style, make sure you know where it’s originating from.
Download: Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap [mixtape]

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Astronaut Chris Hadfield – Wringing Out a Towel… in Space

Canadian Austronaut Chris Hadfield is very likely the coolest person on the planet in the universe. He’s been uploading some incredible videos from the Space Station as he answers peoples’ question about how things works in space. This so far is my favorite. Watch what happens as he soaks a hand towel full of water and attempts to wring it out.

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Drake – Girls Love Beyonce ft. James Fauntleroy

“This is why I been saying ‘no new friends, no no no’. You know how this shit go. This is not 4 years ago. Time escapes me and I forget how it felt when this shit moves slow. I come through in whips that make a young boy take the long way home.” – Drake

Keeping good on his word, Drake delivers a second new track this week. This one’s a smooth jam, as Fauntleroy delivers a melodic twist of the Destiny’s Child classic on the hook. Drake finds the groove perfectly with yet another new flow, as he vents on the one problem Jay-Z is without.


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