Alessia Cara – Here [Remix] ft. Logic


The pint sized, anti-party girl with the pipes recruits Logic to add some bars on this remix to her breakout song. It also got some revamped production and new vocals from Alessia. Really hope she’s around for a while – for someone so young and early in their career, she’s already showing an ability to make timeless, original tunes with mainstream acceptance.

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F*ck, That’s Delicious – Trailer

Bam Bam announced that his web miniseries – the one follows him and his boys straight feasting and giving no fucks – got green lit for a full cable television series. If you haven’t seen any of the web episodes you have no clue what your missing out on. The amount of tears I’ve shed in belly aching laughter while binge watching Season 1 on could drown a guinea pig. Just hit play on the trailer above and get ready for your next favorite tv show starting February 29th on VICELAND. Trust.

And if you aren’t yet a fan of Action Bronson’s music, educate yourself.

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Shawn Chrystopher – The 1


Melo vibes. New project from Shawn Chrys, Lovelost, coming on February 26th.


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Drake – Summer Sixteen


The clear winner of this weekend was Drake, who started it off by hosting Episode 14 of OVO Sound Radio on Apple Music. Nearing the end of his set, Drake let’s loose a new track – as well as new shot – aimed a Meek. A few rumors have surfaced since then, including:

  • The second verse is actually aimed at Tory Lanez
  • Drake’s anticipated album Views From the 6 will be dropping in April
  • This is the first single from VFT6

I personally haven’t been up to speed with Drake’s issues with Tory Lanez, nor could I care, so I’ll skip that one. As for the rumored release date for VFT6, pretty blown it’s still another 2-3 months out, but hey, at least we finally got a date! And regarding this being the first single, I just don’t know. This sounds way more like mixtape Drake than album Drake to me. I’d be pretty shocked if a diss record like this is actually how he launches his album. If I had to guess, I’d say this could make it on only as part of an “extended” cut or a bonus track.

I highly suggest listening to this with decent speakers or headphones. The production (courtesy of 40 and Boi-1da) is super subtle and doesn’t come through on laptop speakers or Apple ear buds. First few times I played this it was just eh. Then I listened again on a better set of headphones and proceeded to loop it through 6 times straight (pun intended). It’s actually pretty fire.

Enjoy it via iTunes: Drake – Summer Sixteen

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Kanye West – “Real Friends” ft. Ty Dolla $ign + “No More Parties in LA (Snippet)” ft. Kendrick Lamar


The return of GOOD Fridays. Yeezy season has arrived. Expect new music weekly leading up to the release of SWISH.



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Kendrick Lamar – “Untitled 2” live on Jimmy Fallon



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Wiz Khalifa – King Of Everything

Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the return of Wiz Khalifa. I personally felt like he took a creative vacation after Kush & OJ. Everything after that just seemed like content for the sake of content. But this right here has some new energy and life injected back into it. Hopefully this is just a hint of what’s coming with his recently announced upcoming project, Khalifa.

Update: Apparently the Khalifa project is actually going to consist of old tracks that were never released. Check the video after the jump and skip to 8:37 where Wiz tells this to Juicy J.

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Brain Rapp – B.Y.O.B. ft. Nature Boi

The DMV duo of Brain Rapp and Nature Boi drop another visual to accompany B.Y.O.B., a track off of Brain’s Elevator Music EP. As always, they hit us with fun, original content. These guys are clearly onto something. The music alone is dope, but the way B is grooming his personal style, artwork, and videos all in a way that accompanies his positive messaging is allowing him to carve out and shine in a lane of his own. Props to keeping creativity and originality in forefront and being the total package as a new artist.

If you’re digging this, definitely hop over to and check out his other stuff.

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G-Eazy – Sad Boy

G-Eazy exposes a more vulnerable side on this one. The vibe set by the instrumental is mellow and raw and keeps me coming back for multiple listens. The animations fit this tune perfectly too.

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SpaceX Lands Falcon 9’s First Stage Rocket

Yesterday Elon Musk and the SpaceX team made history while launching a space shuttle and it’s 11-satellite payload into orbit. Here’s the history-making part: Space shuttles such as this one have what’s called a “First Stage” rocket. This rocket is super badass and does all the heavy lifting, blasting the shuttle and it’s payload all the way into space. Once it gets the shuttle and payload there, it slings it horizontally into orbit. At this point, its job is done and it’s out of fuel, so it disconnects itself and falls back to earth, parachuting into the ocean.  That First Stage rocket is then tracked down and more or less thrown away.

Here the problem with that — First Stage rockets are crazyyyyy expensive! It’s the biggest cost of the whole mission. Imagine if every time you fly on a plane, once you land at your destination, that plane is thrown away. Imagine if every single plane literally made one, and only one flight. After that, you need to build a new plane for the next flight. It’s a comical thought. But that exactly how space missions work. Until yesterday. The whole premise behind SpaceX is they are looking to build the first ever recoverable and reusable rockets that are capable of sending payloads into orbit. Yesterday they completed the hardest part of that. They miraculously recovered a mission successful First Stage rocket. The literally landed it upright perfectly. All that’s left now it to refill it with fuel and use it for it’s next go-round. At which point that will have changed human space travel forever.

Here are some numbers for you to explain just how much of an economic impact this has (via The Washington Times)

When the Space Shuttle began development in 1972, it was estimated that each flight would cost $22 million. By the end of 2010 NASA estimated per-flight costs of $1.6 billion. By contrast, the projected cost per mission of the Falcon 9 starts at $61.2 million.

Thats twenty six Falcon 9 launches per 1 nasa. Why should you care though? Well, a friend of mine just asked that very question. Here’s how our conversation panned out (hit the jump for the full convo):

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