50 Prank Calls Shyne During XXL Interview [Video]


So it looks like Def Jam President LA Reid recently flung some money at XXL in an attempt to cover his ass for signing Shyne.  Don’t get me wrong, I like Shyne, but I liked Shyne circa 1999, not this guy who sounds like a tranquilized Oscar the Grouch.   Last night, Shyne sat down for an ‘uncensored’ interview broadcasted via XXL’s Ustream page and Curtis decided to crash the party.   I guess 50 Cent wasn’t out shooting straight-to-DVD movies yesterday because he called the number to ask a question about fifty times before getting through.   Comically, 50 calls in as “Sean,” the guy who goes on after Tim Westwood on Radio 1.  Once he gets Shyne on the horn, Curtis stirs up old beef, asking, “what is your real issue with 50?”  After being hung up on twice, 50 calls out Shyne and tells him that he believes the alleged beef between the two is a hoax to gain attention (sound familiar Curtis?)

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