Apathy – We’re Gonna Kill You

I wanna put these motherfuckers on blast, but wait/If you call somebody wack, they dismiss it as hate/so if nobody’s wack, then is everybody great?/You get emotional from criticism, that’s a feminine trait

When I wrote a review for Apathy’s Wanna Snuggle? I suggested that he was “better than your favorite rapper’s favorite rapper” and caught some heat for it.  The truth is, he is a technically superior emcee than 99.9 percent of those in the game today.  Need some proof?  Check out this banger in which he tears apart Internet poster boys like Asher Roth and Charles Hamilton (“stomp his fancy headphones and rip his hedgehog shirt”).  At daNk Ideas, we definitely support Ash’s movement but Charles is pretty fucking weak.  Ap drops some crazy punchlines on this like “there ain’t no way that you can stop me I take on your posse/ and put you in wheelchair like Drake on Degrassi.”  This is definitely worth listening to.

[audio:http://dankideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/05/dankideas.comApathy-Were-Gonna-Kill-You.mp3|titles=dankideas.comApathy We’re Gonna Kill You]

Download: Apathy – “We’re Gonna Kill You”


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