AudioDax – The Annexation [mixtape]

After gettin hit up a few times via e-mail, I decided to give a listen to the new mixtape from this duo, which is presented by DJ Benzi and Solly.. Got a wayy different vibe from pretty much everything else you’ll find on here, a lot more poppy so it may not be for everyone. But nonetheless, it’s definitely unique and that’s not something I can say about most of what ends up in my inbox. They some great feel good beats that are never monotonous and they use a crazy array of sounds. Definitely got big potential, I can see the ladies loving this one. I’d say it’s a mix of Gym Class Heroes, Broken Bells, and I don’t even know.. Here’s their self-description:

AudioDax is a two man Electronic Hip Hop band made up of members Thomas Balcom (Temble) and Matt Rivera (Krypton Flo). The pair climbed twenty feet above ground on the tree tops of DePauw University and spent hours on branches discussing their joys with music. After “Koala-ing” around for an afternoon, AudioDax became official. A band formed with a goal of creating music that will inspire good feelings and even better times. “Is it Christmas?…No, it’s AudioDax!”

I’m leavin you with a stream of the mixtape’s intro track to get a quick listen. If it’s for you, you can download the full tape below or check them out at

AudioDax – The Annexation [mixtape]


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