Blitz The Ambassador – “Something To Believe In” Music Video


Directed by Terence Nance, the film addresses the detachment we all battle, when faced with the the world’s overwhelming issues. “It’s hard to think about all the problems in the world without getting a little overwhelmed. So, a lot of times we just ignore things. I think Africa has suffered a lot because people choose to remain ignorant, rather than address the issues that are right in front of our faces,” Blitz said.

I can’t stress how original and amazing Blitz the Ambassador is.  Touching on the Western World’s detachment and disenfranchisement, Blitz kicks it over an original production by his own ensemble with extraordinary results.  Blitz keeps it ever so witty with some insight such as “bad enough these kids is raised on rap music/scared of their own voice that’s why they Auto-Tune it.”  There’s an amazing choir breakdown on this shortly after the first verse as well which exemplifies Blitz’s songwriting talent.  Not only is this an incredible story-telling music video, but the song structure is that of a rap opus…if you consider yourself an ambassador of good music, don’t sleep on this!

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