Chip tha Ripper – Out Here

First off, great mixtape cover. I’m assuming this is a picture of a young chip, but I can only imagine this is the same face any baby would make if you bumped some of his music nearby. Second off, gotta be honest, after Gift Raps dropped I thought Chip had reached his peak. It seemed tough as hell to top that project. But some how, Chip is keeping it on the rise. He links up with Lex Luger on this one for a crazy production. Instrumentals like the one found here have basically become synonymous with Chip tha Ripper; trippy vibes, clean masters, and heavy 808s. And his flow always rides them perfectly. I can’t wait for Tell Ya Friends to drop. No announced date yet, but I’m hearing sooner than later.

Download: Chip tha Ripper – Out Here


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