Copywrite – Y.O.G.A. Stretch

Leave the AC alone like Freestyle Fellowship/burn hella shit, memory like a senile elephant/not a beat I’ll ever let leave in one piece/Russian roulette with a hollow tip that I leave in one piece/see Pete’s a young beast with an old soul, sippin E&J/my soul’s so old Kanye sampled my DNA/and made a hit/I’m everybody’s favorite shit/your just all shook movie ushers – afraid to admit/your flows stuck in the garbage/mine’s a seamstress having sex with Forest Gump – so fucking retarded!

In all honesty, Copywrite is easily one of my favorite emcees of all time, and the quote above shows why.  The wordplay and double-entendres are crazy.  C-write’s heavily underrated and it’s most likely because he’s a Caucasian rapper from Ohio, but whatever, dude’s daNK when it comes to spitting bars and making music.  His sophomore album, The Life And Times Of Peter Nelson hits stores November 16th on Man Bites Dog Records.  I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s one of the year’s best releases.

Note: stream is fixed…

[audio:|titles=CopywriteYOGA Stretch]

Download: Copywrite – “Y.O.G.A. Stretch”

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