Curren$y – Pilot Talk 2 Trailer

Awww yeeaaa… Warning: unnecessarily long rant ahead..

People wonder what makes someone great. They look at the great ones and start taking notes on how they can learn from them. But the greats aren’t sitting around all day planning out some godly scheme to make it to the top. They’re just working. Better and harder than anyone else.

Curren$y is great. Why? Because first off he is straight up better than almost every other emcee in the game, which means he works better (obv that’s my personal opinion). Second, (and this is not my opinion, but fact) he never stops, which means he works harder. People may think he’s cool because of his hipster clothes, he smokes weed, yadda yadda.. But at the end of the day he is a rapper and an artist, and the only thing that gives him credibility is when he makes music. And he makes a fuckload of music. When Pilot Talk 2 drops on November 23rd, it will be the SECOND ALBUM – yes, album – he has dropped this year.

So for everyone out there that is still planning your prime mixtape release date, nobody cares anymore. Just leak it now and get to work on some new music already. If you’re a rapper or an artist, that is your full time job. There’s no excuse to not put in 9-5 writing lyrics, perfecting your craft, and recording all day every day. And if you won’t commit to that than that’s ok. But I’m gonna keep playin me some Spitta. There’s too much competition today to think of rap as a golden ticket. It’s a job just like any other, only you get to be creative and potentially reach massive audience’s with your words. But it requires just as much effort as anything else, and if you don’t understand that, well.. there’s somebody out there who does, and they will win because they will work harder.

I’m sorry for yelling. but I’m serious.


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