daNkideas.com is Back!

That was a major scare! Not sure how many of you all noticed (it was definitely a bunch seeing as our analytics on the day did a straight nose dive to under 200 views), but sometime between last night and this afternoon daNkideas.com traveled back in time about 16 months. Somehow, anyone that tried accessing the site saw a version of it from September 2010; old posts, old layout, old authors, and all. I was blocked out from accessing our backend dashboard and was being redirected to an old WordPress.com account we moved away from over a year ago. Not really sure what happened. I did some crazy hacking around on our host server and domain manager and finally must have triggered something that got everything back in working order.

I apologize for those of you that were buggin out that you couldn’t get your fix. I’m sure a lot of you must have thought you lost daNk for good there. But all is well, twas a quick recovery. Not gonna lie though, I was panicking for a bit too. But now that we’re back, it’s time to burn one and take a deep sigh of relief.


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