daNkideas.com Presents: DAYGLOW in Washington D.C.

DAYGLOW!!!!!! For those of you living under a rock, DAYGLOW is the World’s Largest Paint Party. It hits major cities all over the world, and on October 21st, it is invading the nation’s capital. The best part? They have asked daNkideas.com to be a part of this monumental event!

On October 21st, Club Ibiza in D.C. is going to turn into a center for techno driven, light-show feining, rage-faced, admirable college students. On top of it just being a wild-ass club night with gallons upon gallons of glow in the dark paint, there will also be performances by paint drummers, contortion acts, and THE DEVIL FROM ACAPULCO!! Just watch the trailer above, you’ll then understand how epic this is gonna be.

You can get tickets through our Dank Management Group Fan Page where we have set up a specific event for DAYGLOW. Please RSVP on that page if you are coming, this will really help us when it comes to planning busses for everyone in College Park. (And ‘Like’ our fan page while you’re at it!). I will see you all there!


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