DJ Bullion – Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee

Initially released in 2007, DJ Bullion’s mix tape/mashup album takes the Dangermouseian concept of combining two unlike artists and finding common ground for their collective musical genius. Where Danger fell short with The Grey Album, however, was in finding a balance between the Beatles‘ instrumentation and Jay‘s flow, basically creating a straightforward rap album with Beatles samples. I love a lot of the songs on that album, but you don’t realize what exactly could have been put together with that concept until listening to Bullion’s mixtape.

Pet Sounds: In The Key Of Dee is masterfully mixed and blended to the point where the two artists seem to bleed into one another, the style becoming undefinable as markedly Beach Boys or J Dilla – instead, a whole new sound emerges by way of Bullion’s touch. “God Only Knows” gets flipped on its head, punched in the face, and given a shot of adrenaline right to its neck before he slips it seamlessly into the rest of the 34 minute masterpiece, another jewel on a studded crown. The fact that he does it all with little to no vocals/lyrics blows my mind.

Download it here.


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