Facebook Launches New Profile Page Design

Anyone who watched 60 Minutes last night got to see the second great interview Lesley Stahl held with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. A large number of topics were discussed, but the most important part that stuck out to me was the fact that a new design for everyone’s profile page will be released tomorrow. Like with any new design Facebook launches, there is guaranteed to be a ton of resistance and negativity to come. But in my eyes and how I interpreted what’s to come tomorrow, the redesign is definitely an upgrade.

As the video above briefly shows, the new layout allows the user to have more control of what a friend will see at an initial glance when viewing their page. Instead of simply seeing somebody’s wall and whatever randomness has most recently been posted there, it seems that a user will be able to choose precisely what information will be shown at the top of their page. In other words, whatever you feel is the most important information for people to know about you is exactly what others will see when they view your page.

To learn more, head over to CBS News to watch the full interview.

To upgrade your Facebook profile to the new layout now, got head to Facebook.com/about/profile


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