Google and Arcade Fire Make Sweet Music Together

The Wilderness Downtown

I’m the kind of guy that enjoys seeing a band reinvent the way us listeners experience a song, an album, and just music in general.  I’m also the kind of guy that enjoys gadgets and technology that ultimately enhances a user’s experience with everyday occurrences.  So it seems all too appropriate that for my maiden post I share something as inspiring as Google’s next “Chrome Experiment” entitled, The Wilderness Downtown” that features a “music video” for the song “We Used To Wait” by the social-media/viral savvy band, Arcade Fire.  I put “music video” in quotations because in actuality the experiment is so much more.

The experiment is the work of writer and director, Chris Milk and Arcade Fire, and it is intended to demonstrate the HTML 5 capabilities of Google’s browser Chrome which has been advertised as “lightning” fast (you may remember abstract television ads involving Tesla coils, computers and paint).  These capabilities include being able to place browser windows on screen based on cues generated by sequenced music and video, inserting 3D renderings and sprite imaging in satellite images in real-time, and personalized user interactions.  Also featured is Google’s Google Maps and Google Street View.

Naturally, Google advises that it is best that you use their own browser Google Chrome.  But any Browser that is HTML 5 capable should work.  I personally attempted to view the experiment in Firefox but the experience simply was not the same.  Google also suggests that you close any other tabs in the browser since the experience is processor intensive.  I will provide my own warning in saying that while it probably wont cause your computer to explode, what you should really be worried about is your head exploding.  So plug in your desktop speakers, turn them up to eleven, and watch a new form of art unfold on your computer screen.


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