Gratii: Play Games, Spend Virtual Money (coming soon to College Park!)

Gratii is a new startup created by UMD alum. They’ve developed this awesome iPhone/Android app. I’ve gotten a chance to check it out (it hasn’t even launched yet), and it’s fucking brilliant. Basically, you play games in the app (which is 100% Free) and win this virtual currency called Gratii. You can then buy coupons from local businesses. In College Park Cornerstone, Looney’s, Bagel Place, and Pizza Bolis have already signed on to participate.

The app also works as a mobile loyalty card. You literally swipe your phone at checkout and gain loyalty points towards the business. You get access to better coupons with more points. This is some future stuff. Check out this story on them that just aired on CBS:

I’ll let you know when they launch the official app, should be real soon. In the meantime, check out, you can join their mailing list to get notified the second it launches in College Park.


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