Kanye West – Don’t Stop! ft. Parrell & Lupe Fiasco

So Kanye just threw this picture up on his twitter stating:

There was no further information nor a song attatched.. But I do know that a few years back Kanye, Lupe, and Pharrell had created a group called Child Rebel Soldiers, so I’m making the assumption that we will be hearing a new song titled “Don’t Stop!” any minute now from the trio. They have previously put out only one song as far as I know, called “Us Placers,” where they sampled a Thom Yorke (Radiohead frontman) song, and it was incredible. So let’s hold our breathe, cross our fingers, and hope I’m right.. Because another CRS track could be epic right now.

In the mean time, here is “Us Placers.”

03 Us Placers

Update: Just got back from raging in DC.. Sorry I’m a little late, but I have added Kanye‘s new song below.. and just as I predicted it’s a a Kanye x Pharrell x Lupe track. Yeah, ya boy daNk knows his shit.

Download: Child Rebel Soldiers – Don’t Stop!


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