Kendrick Lamar – Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe [Remix] ft. Jay-Z

My goodness. The song of the year get’s delivered in the first quarter. You might have heard the preview or seen video of it when Young Guru dropped it at SXSW last week. Since then, I’ve been on edge for waiting for the CDQ version. Definitely didn’t expect it this soon.

I don’t think there’s anyone in the game that doubts whether or not Kendrick is deserving of a feature from Hov. Kendrick is leading the pack of young emcees, which, as a collective, are pulling talent and musical quality back into the forefront of the scene.. something that’s been missing for years, overshadowed by hype and shock artists.

K Dot is on the roll of a lifetime. He was just announced by MTV as the #1 Hottest MC in the game. And he’ll be one of the most exciting names on the list of artists joining Yahoo’s upcoming On The Road Tour. No doubt in my mind I’ll be in attendance of that spectacle.

An opening chorus plays, then Kendrick starts it off with brand new bars, it’s not just a verse from Jay added on.. and of course, it’s hot, in typical Kendrick Lamar fashion.

After a full chorus, which is the same as the original, Jay enters for the second verse. This is hungry Jay. Not some throwaway ish for a major label club remix. Jay knows what he’s doing, and he spits fuego to make sure he doesn’t get out-shined by the young buck — even though this young buck may be spoken of as the greatest active lyricist. I’m not the biggest fan of Jay’s verse on Suit & Tie. At least now I can understand why it seemed a little weak. He saved up his hardest stuff for this verse. Killed it.

“No, I don’t remember you, I don’t intend to. Empty my memory bank, it’s a million dollars in it, baby, Hillary Swank.” – Jay-Z

But not 2 seconds after Hov lays the hammer, Kendrick comes smashing right back in.. literally within 2 seconds. Hov’s voice was still bouncing around in the mic. And Kendrick’s spitting like a madman blacked out who was only born to do just that. He was on a mission. With every rapid fire bar delivered, he grows the intensity, until he just snaps and starts spraying. It’s a massacre, and Kendrick Lamar is bad man.

Shit, this song is fire. Jay…. watch the throne.


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