KiD CuDi – Erase This ft. Kanye West [radio rip]

Just found this over at 2DopeBoyz, who supposedly spotted it at DatNewCudi.. But I’m not seeing it there, so I’m gonna assume it leaked early on a Cleveland radio station and isn’t meant to be downloadable yet. Oh well.

But to be honest, if it weren’t for the names on this track I would have followed the instructions in its title and trashed it. (Maybe the title was actually meant as instructions to the producer of CuDi‘s new album, where this is supposedly going to appear) Clearly this is an attempt at a making a pop summer song to reach the masses through mainstream radio (that or it’s the new theme song for Degrassi – Drake and Raffi hoppin on the remix), but when did CuDi or Kanye ever have to stoop to that level to gain recognition? The rollercoaster of emotions that just went through me from when my eyes lit as I spotted this song to when I finished listening to it just drained me. I feel like a foster child who was promised a tour of Santa’s Toy Factory and ride on the sleigh but ended up awkwardly fondled by a scruffy fat dude in a stained red coat at an off-track betting lodge.. I need a nap..

Erase This f. Kanye West [Radio Rip]

Download: Kid CuDi – Erase This ft. Kanye West


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