Kid Cudi – Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven


With his long awaited album just around the corner, Cudi drops off the title track to give the people a taste of whats to come. As we’ve known for a while, this project is going to lean more on the rock side unlike his previous hip hop focused works like the Man on the Moon series. Some (including myself) are a bit disappointed in that, but to be honest I’m kinda feeling the vibe on this one. It’s way less forceful and angsty than some of the previous rock stuff he’s delivered. It definitely captures that core Cudi essence that made me a fan of his in the first place where he somehow makes emo still feel dope. Maybe because Plain Pat assisted on the production here. Very intrigued for what’s to come now.

Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven (the album) dropping¬†December 4th (this Friday).


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