Lupe Fiasco – Light Blue

I used to be the hardest Lupe fan, but as of late I just feel like he’s putting way too much effort into preaching his political messages and started overlooking his craft in the process. Yes, I realize he has always been a “conscious” rapper and political, but he delivered it differently in his Food & Liquor days. At first listen, fans would swarm because of his insane flow and wordplay. As you’d dig into his lyrics, you’d realize he was really saying something. What you got out of it was your choice. His more recent stuff however is more spoon-fed, and obnoxiously preachy. His message is right on the surface, no longer twisted delicately within layers of slick-witted poetry. I was missing it for a while, his music played a huge role in my life’s soundtrack, and that space was void in the year’s following The Cool.. but then Kendrick came along and fit in perfectly (btw, he got named MTV’s #1 Hottest MC).

Anywho, enough of the ranting. This track is dope, a brief taste that Lupe I’ve been missing, coming with some fire and style. Running circles around our ears as he bounces all over this DJ SimonSayz production. I don’t know if this is part of a larger project in the works, but hopefully this is a sign that we may get to see a reemergence of Lu with his swag back.


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