Nicki Minaj – Moment 4 Life ft. Drake [video]

Here goes the highly anticipated video that animates Nicki and Drizzy getting married. Previews for this were all over the place this past week. And all I have to say about it? That fuckin intro went from super corny, to seriously cracked out in about .1 seconds at the 1:18 mark. (and probably the only reason I’d highly encourage you to hit play immediately.)

On a side note, you can hit the jump to check out Nicki‘s recent interview with Tim Westwood where she talks about what the kids would be like if she actually married and reproduced with Drake. I don’t get it, can’t they just bang already and get it over with? Enough of this middle school secret love bullshit. I think Drake is just scared cause Weezy has a crush on Nicki too. And we all know Drake loves Wayne, and would never want to hurt him.

Hit the jump you bama!!


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