SpaceX Lands Falcon 9’s First Stage Rocket

Yesterday Elon Musk and the SpaceX team made history while launching a space shuttle and it’s 11-satellite payload into orbit. Here’s the history-making part: Space shuttles such as this one have what’s called a “First Stage” rocket. This rocket is super badass and does all the heavy lifting, blasting the shuttle and it’s payload all the way into space. Once it gets the shuttle and payload there, it slings it horizontally into orbit. At this point, its job is done and it’s out of fuel, so it disconnects itself and falls back to earth, parachuting into the ocean.  That First Stage rocket is then tracked down and more or less thrown away.

Here the problem with that — First Stage rockets are crazyyyyy expensive! It’s the biggest cost of the whole mission. Imagine if every time you fly on a plane, once you land at your destination, that plane is thrown away. Imagine if every single plane literally made one, and only one flight. After that, you need to build a new plane for the next flight. It’s a comical thought. But that exactly how space missions work. Until yesterday. The whole premise behind SpaceX is they are looking to build the first ever recoverable and reusable rockets that are capable of sending payloads into orbit. Yesterday they completed the hardest part of that. They miraculously recovered a mission successful First Stage rocket. The literally landed it upright perfectly. All that’s left now it to refill it with fuel and use it for it’s next go-round. At which point that will have changed human space travel forever.

Here are some numbers for you to explain just how much of an economic impact this has (via The Washington Times)

When the Space Shuttle began development in 1972, it was estimated that each flight would cost $22 million. By the end of 2010 NASA estimated per-flight costs of $1.6 billion. By contrast, the projected cost per mission of the Falcon 9 starts at $61.2 million.

Thats twenty six Falcon 9 launches per 1 nasa. Why should you care though? Well, a friend of mine just asked that very question. Here’s how our conversation panned out (hit the jump for the full convo):

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Jeremih – Late Nights [album]


After playing his 6-track No More EP on loop for over a year now, Jeremih finally delivers his newest full length project with 15 tracks. Only a matter of time before these sounds take over every house party and post-game. And with the weather getting colder, this is guaranteed to provide the perfect background music for warming up those late nights (see what I did there).  He’s got some big name features on here too: J Cole, Ty Dolla $ign, Big Sean, Future, and  Jhene Aiko to name a few.

You can preview it with the Spotify stream below or snag it on iTunes.


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Kid Cudi – Speedin’ Bullet 2 Heaven


With his long awaited album just around the corner, Cudi drops off the title track to give the people a taste of whats to come. As we’ve known for a while, this project is going to lean more on the rock side unlike his previous hip hop focused works like the Man on the Moon series. Some (including myself) are a bit disappointed in that, but to be honest I’m kinda feeling the vibe on this one. It’s way less forceful and angsty than some of the previous rock stuff he’s delivered. It definitely captures that core Cudi essence that made me a fan of his in the first place where he somehow makes emo still feel dope. Maybe because Plain Pat assisted on the production here. Very intrigued for what’s to come now.

Speedin’ Bullet to Heaven (the album) dropping December 4th (this Friday).


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J Cole x Kendrick Lamar – Black Friday

large large-1Cole and Kendrick continue to build anticipation around a rumored collaboration project by simultaneously releasing “Black Friday” tracks. This time, actual bars are involved in the building of the buzz as the lyricists take turns ripping each others instrumentals. Cole goes over “Alright” while Kendrick takes a run at “A Tale of 2 Citiez”. Both crush it and bring their own styles and flows to already classic sounds.



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Justin Bieber – No Sense ft. Travi$ Scott

This dance crew is tough.

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Logic – The Incredible True Story (Album)


Logic takes us on an 18-track interstellar journey with gallons of subtle 90s hip-hop references laced into each instrumental and verse. The production on this is out of this world as well, the majority of which is credited to 6ix and Logic. Logic continues to rep the 301 throughout the project and make the DMV proud. Available on iTunes. Spotify stream below.

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Cousin Stizz – No Bells

Who you know.

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Jay-Z – Magna Carta Holy Grail Preview

Woah woah woah. We got some new Jigga set to release July 4th. Yes sir!
Peep some behind the scenes footage from the making of.. Some lords of Hip Hop working together on this one: Pharrell, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz, Rick Rubin. These beats sound cray.. Takes me back to the first time I ever heard “Dirt Off Your Shoulder”. I’m amped.

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RVP Takes Some Tots to School

Dangles on full display here.. Watch as Robin van Persie, Touzani, and Tonny Vilhena straight toy with some young bucks at a youth tournament that RVP was hosting.

The entire thing is brilliant, but that meg at the 1:15 mark.. aww mann hahaha.


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