Seth MacFarlane Settles On His First Film!

Family Guy creator and Sarah Palin archrival Seth MacFarlane is finally taking his brand of comedy where it truly belongs: a place where you can get away with saying “fuck.”  According to, Universal Pictures has just picked up the tab on Ted, a script written by MacFarlane and fellow Family Guy writers Alex Sulkin and Wellesley Wild.  Budgeted at $65 Million, Ted will be chock-full o’ violence, profanity, and sexuality, as it’s said to surely garner a “Hard R” rating.  Production is set to begin this year with MacFarlane making his feature directorial debut.

Entertainment Weekly reports that Ted tells the (vulgar) story of a guy whose teddy bear comes between him and his girlfriend.  The plot “centers on a seemingly normal man who, as a child, made a wish that he could talk to his bear, only to have his bear come alive. The bear grows up alongside the man and their relationship isn’t really questioned until the man’s girlfriend poses an ultimatum: her or the bear.”  Not content with just writing, directing, and producing the film, MacFarlane will also voice the CGI teddy.  Mila Kunis is being rumored to take the part of the girlfriend.

For more, check out Deadline’s story here or EW’s piece here.

-The daNk Knight

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