Singapore Kane – My Planet [Solar Diss]

You’s a phony, a fraud, claiming to be God/you’re just mad because your name ain’t Prem, must be hard/and Hip Hop is son is barred, we won’t sleep until your scarred/until your soul burn in hell; a super producer?  Nah/you’s a maggot, you’s a leech/a faggot, fucking creep/and to top it all off your beats is mad weak

Damn…Singapore Kane is one of the most slept on cats in the game.  He not only goes in with a lyrical onslaught of bars for the first verse, but absolutely nails Guru’s sketchball business partner, Solar.  Over the weekend someone hacked into Solar’s AOL account and found e-mails linking him shady circumstances of exploiting Guru while he was sick.  Singapore kind of has some room to speak his mind based on his relationship with the Gang Starr Foundation and its members such as Big Shug.  He points out the obvious like Solar being a complete douche and nowhere near the level of Prem…definitely don’t sleep on this one! 

Props to Vega on this.


Download: Singapore Kane – “My Planet” 


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