Soul Khan Gives Overweight Rappers Reasons To Stop Battling


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For some reason, Andy Milonakis uploaded this on YouTube….

This battle took place on the same night as Iron Solomon’s infamous E. Ness murk-fest at Grind Time’s Grizzle Mania 2 in Miami.  First off, Soul Khan has done nothing but impress me every since I heard a few tracks off his debut project, Soul Like Khan.  With that said, I’ve known about Madness for much longer than his competitor, and like Khan I did not hear him battle until recently.  For those that don’t know, both rappers are in a group of their own; Soul Khan is a member of Brown Bag All-Stars and Madness is one-half of Critical Madness.  If you’ve never heard “1st Amendment,” I suggest you hover over that link and check it out.


On to the battle; Soul Khan owned all three rounds although Madness definitely came through with some humorous one-liners like calling Soul Khan “Jew-Pac Shakur.”  It was hard to pick out my favorite Soul Khan lines in the midst of his hilarious puns regarding Madness’ weight, but this one was pretty nasty:  “They said, ‘watch out Madness got that home field advantage, man.’  I said, ‘wait a second, we’re battling in Candy Land?’  If I called you Mexican, I’d be a bold liar/it’s just every car you step inside becomes a low rider.”  In conclusion, if you’re fat and battling, come prepared.


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