T.I. In Studio with Pharrell Before Last Night’s Arrest?

As the above video states, T.I. and wife Tiny were arrested last night and let out on $10,000 bail. The initial story was that cops smelled some trees burning as his Maybach drove by which prompted the stop. More recent updates state a different story however.

The new rumor is that cops pulled him over after an illegal U-turn, whereby they found “controlled substances” which some sources are stating was that purple drank, syrup. They also smelled some bud. Sources told TMZ, “the controlled substance was not cocaine, but rather the class of controlled substance that triggered the arrest includes methamphetamines and ecstasy.”

Yadda yadda yadda. Blah, blah, blah. You could have found that information anywhere by now, so what makes my post any different and more valuable? Well, Detective daNk here has some info linking Pharrell to the incident. Hit the jump to find out why.

-Detective daNk

This photo I found on Pharrell’s BBCIceCreamBlog was taken last night in LA, the same night of the arrest, which means it had to of been before the arrest. It shows Pharrell in the studio with T.I. “Ok, big deal, so he left the studio, got some drank, and then got pulled over. Big whoop.” Wrong! Look a little closer. On the far right of the picture behind the water bottle.

That’s right folks, its the infamous Double-Styrofoam Cup! Stacking styrofoam cups is a well known technique in the south, made famous by Lil Wayne, that is used for sippin sizzurp (which in turn was made famous by Three 6 Mafia).

So there you have it, T.I. and Pharrell were in the studio together sippin on lean, and when T.I. left with his wife Tiny he got arrested for just that.

But now you ask, “daNk, what will the outcome be?” Shit, I really really hope no authorities read my site. Although my brilliant detective skills are flawless and deserve praise at all levels, I pray this doesn’t get out. I’m not tryna get anyone it trouble. This is all I ask, that whatever the duo was working on in the studio while sippin, it better be dope as fuck!

By the way, scroll back up right quick and peep Pharrell’s kicks!

-Detective daNk

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