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Wouldn’t really call myself a gamer. More a practitioner of interactive procrastination. I love finding new things to keep me busy online. Something extremely simply, quick to get in and out of, and entertaining. I found a goldmine with TagPro. And quite frankly, I’d be a dick to not share this.

Some random dude throws this up on reddit the other day. As one commenter put it best, this game is “hilariously awesome”. Basically, it’s capture the flag. You’re a ball, you move with the arrow keys. Get the other team’s flag, or pop someone stealing yours. It’s live, you play against other people. For the OG’s, chasing down and popping someone’s ball is identical to checking someone in Wayne Gretzky’s 3D Hockey ’98 (“what a saave!”).

The creator, who goes by LuckySpammer, is literally building it on the fly. One day you jump in and there’s a new map. The next day, switches and forcefields. Simply put, great find, something you can jump in and out of. Takes 12 seconds to learn and your off to the races.

Play it here: TagPro


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