TFHOUSE – Fade ft. Devin Wilson [video]

This is a complete gem I just randomly stumbled upon while jumping from video to video on youtube. Great track, great flow, and great video, which is a homage to the classic film “Pulp Fiction.” Don’t know too much about this guy, this is honestly the first I’ve heard of him, but apparently he toured with Mac last summer has opened for Mac, The Weeknd, and Wiz. I believe he’s a UK artist. He is based out of Toront0, but that’s the extent of my knowledge.

If anybody can school me on this dude or send me over some other dope tracks of his, it would be greatly appreciated. Reach out via our contact page in the top menu bar.

Update: You can find more work (a full free-to-download mixtape) by TFHOUSE at his bandcamp page. I recommend checking it out, it’s a pretty hot project, this is definitely a young artist worth keeping an eye on. Shouts to Vincent Grey for pointing me in the right direction and correcting my incorrect assumptions (see the edits in the post above).

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