Tory Lanez – Sincerely Tory [mixtape]

I snagged this mixtape off of illRoots the other day, never having heard of this Tory character. I’ve found myself going back to it again and again in my iTunes. This kid is out of Toronto (who isn’t lately) and definitely has the chops and diversity to make an impact. This mixtape is packed with different sounds and genres. Tory is able to create music that mimics the vibe of everything ¬†from The Weeknd and Frank Ocean‘s R&B smoothness, to Big Sean and Tyga‘s playa music, to J. Cole and J. Ferb‘s story telling. And all with his own spin on it. As you can see from the tracklist below, Tory has his hands in the production on nearly every single track. Dude is talented.

1.Sincerely Tory (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
2.Apartment 310 (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
3.Sextasy (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic )
4.Stupido (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic
5.Warchild (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
6.Carolina High (Prod by Tory Lanez)
7.The Doowop Kid (Interlude) (Prod by Tory Lanez)
8.Friday The 13th (Prod by Tory Lanez & Tokyo Monster)
9.Blame My Ex (Co Prod Tory Lanez)
10.Im Gone Have It (Interlude)
11.Remembrance Day (Prod by Tory Lanez & Tokyo Monster)
12.Stolen Hearts (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
13.Wings (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
14.High Notes (Prod by Tory Lanez & C.Dara)
15.Highschool Memories (Prod by Tory Lanez & Chemist)
16.Stripclub Las Vegas (Bonus) (Prod by Tory Lanez)
17.On a F cking Lean (Prod by Tory Lanez)
18.Shut Up (Bonus) (Prod by Chemist & Tory Lanez)
19.The Morning After (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)
20.You Shouldnt Have (Prod by Tory Lanez & Cyllistic)

Keep and eye out, I guaranteeing you’ll be hearing more from him soon.

Download: Tory Lanez – Sincerely Tory [mixtape]


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