Tyler The Creator – Tron Cat

Here’s a new single from Tyler The Creator’s debut album, Goblin.  Staying in-line with “Yonkers,” the Odd Future leader spews a heaping portion of absurdity over a minimalistic instrumental.  This song is sure to offend someone, as Tyler makes disgusting references to seeing his father’s junk, having sex with dolphins, snorting Hitler’s ashes, and Michael Jackson molesting him (maybe too soon, but its pretty comical).  Goblin drops May 10th.

[audio:http://dankideas.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Tyler-the-Creator-Tron-Cat.mp3|titles=Tyler the Creator – Tron Cat]

Download: Tyler The Creator – “Tron Cat”

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Bonus: Here’s a clowned out promo vid for Goblin.  Tyler takes on the role of Thurnis Haley, golf enthusiast…#GOLFWANG.


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