US Open 'O10

While most people spent their spring break in Mexico and Florida on the beach, I headed up to the 2010 US Open Snowboarding Championships and hit the slopes (no, not the slopes hit in Acapulco) and shredded with the world’s best riders for a week. The weather was beautiful, the beer garden was beautiful and the riders enjoyed some fun in the sun as they threw tricks most had never heard of. Above is a highlight video of rail jam with a clip of Rahzel spitting to set the scene. Shaun White sat out the halfpipe finals leaving the top of the podium wide open.

-The Old Man

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Ahhh yea, the halfpipe finals. With White sitting out some of the world’s other top riders got a chance for the top prize. The podium was made up of three Olympians with Japanese rider Kokubo Kazuhiro taking the gold. He was winning US open and X-game medals before Shaun White could tie his boots. Second place went to US snowboard team member and Olympic silver medalist Louie Vito. Iouri (IPod) Podladtchikov finished thrid with a solid run. If White had completed I am positive he would have taken top prize but when you are the most dominant rider ever, there is always next year.

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